Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ford The Top-Quality Vehicle

Ford has been producing top-quality vehicles for over a hundred years. It is Founded by the legendary Henry Ford. Ford also created Mercury, a badge that would go on to develop medium-priced vehicles in order to cover a wider demographic of drivers.
In earlier days Ford has been responsible for churning out fleet after fleet of influential automobiles. Fashionably styled with power windows and strong performance, the Thunderbird was a glimpse of what was to come with the era of luxurious muscle cars.

Ford has also not remained on the sidelines in terms of the growing "green" movement. Thanks to its Flexible Fuel variations along with a fleet of hybrids, Ford has been very much involved as well as innovative with respect to providing fuel-efficient options that deliver on both performance and reliability.

Ford didn't just set the bar for how automobiles were viewed and produced; they created the cast in which the bar was molded out of. Ford just keeps giving people what they want. No wonder why their drivers are so loyal.

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  1. the car design looks pretty amazing like the previous design..adding up to the performance and engine function..