Monday, January 24, 2011

Features Of Mobile number portability (MNP) in India

The india's long-awaited mobile number portability (MNP) is finally arrived. The facility allows customers to change their cellphone operator without losing their phone numbers. It Allows subscriber to opt for service provider of his choice but retain his mobile number. The number gets ported to the new provider.

MNP helps in keep your old number, you don’t have to go through the trouble of informing all your friends & family that your number has changed.

The country’s mobile customers gear up to this new-found freedom.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The New phase of Apple iPhone and Google Android

Today most of those organizations are still heavily PC-based hence with Apple I-phone and android it make the world to crack the nut and clients in going to new phase to start buying smartphone lot.  The rise of consumer-device use in the enterprise space, security and compatibility concerns among IT administrators have also sharply increased. 

That report also suggested that around 50 percent of workplace devices end up used in both personal and business purpose. The companies such as Procter & Gamble that had made iPhone available to their employees. The iPad is also under heavy consideration by large enterprises' CIOs and IT departments.
There also report suggest that Apple's iPhone and Android is under consideration as a BlackBerry alternative by Bank of America and Citigroup. Both Bank of America and Citigroup companies are testing the iPhone's and Android software security as a corporate mobile platform.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Algadon: a stunning massively multiplayer online role playing game

Algadon is a visually stunning massively multiplayer online role playing game set in the medieval land of Algadon. This is the free online web browser-based game allows players to explore the land, perform quests, battle monsters and other ferocious beasts.

Algadon is a game where you can able to discover a lot of things and strategies. It is one of the most popular online games that you can play. It consists of many tricks. Certainly you will like to play.

The core element of multiplayer role playing games is to complete a quest or mission. This game will generally allow your skills to be improved and the strength of your character increases as you acquire items and other forms of combat skills.

One of the best things about Algadon is, interactive communication among players by joining various clans, send instant and private messages and even post profile messages.

Algadon features a large selection of weapons, armor, spells, and special items available for purchase in the shops and/or drops from bosses and quests. Algadon MySpace version is also available, which is a completely different game with different goals and challenges.

The Algadon game is also available for mobile and apps are available for Android and iPhone.

If you have any queries or clarifications regarding games then you can just look into fourms page which clarifies most of your common queries. In news section, there are lot of useful information, such as game announcements, events, and other important details.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

India’s much awaited multi-billion dollar spectrum 3G and broadband spectrum auction

India’s much awaited multi-billion dollar spectrum auction started on Friday. The 3G auction had begun as per schedule. Officials have said it would take at least a week or possibly more for the auctions to be completed.

The world's fastest-growing wireless market offer premium third-generation (3G) services. There is a Strong competition among bidders, which include Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications and the Indian unit of Vodafone has push up winning bids to as much as thrice the base price.

Bharti, India's biggest mobile operator, and rivals Reliance Communications, Vodafone Essar and Tata Teleservices are seen winning the most number of slots in the 3G auction, for which the base price has been set at 35 billion rupees.

A separate auction of broadband spectrum and this would be one of the world's biggest such auctions in recent years.

The Indian government has penciled in revenues of nearly $8 billion from the auction. The analyst’s expert said that the auction would fetch more than the government's target, helping it plug its fiscal deficit.